Candidate Branding using Canopy, Umbrella and Newspapers Inserts

In the modern day to day life, it matters most how beautifully someone is putting his product or person in front of the common masses to accept as a brand. The earlier party used to believe in putting hoardings and posters to make a brand but to have a customized version of marketing of the contestant, doing something different from others matters a lot.

We follow different methods like Canopy and Umbrella really do the wonders of branding the candidate as a product.

Canopy is a way to know the problems of voter's and can be given to their political heads so that they can know issues of common people and resolve them.

Umbrella is used for the promotion of the candidate. It holds the details of candidates like candidate's name, his image, election symbol and party slogan, so that voter' s can easily identify the party and its symbol to whom they want to opt.

Newspaper Inserts like Pamphlets are distributed for the advertisement of the political candidates, to know the common people about candidates of their areas.

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