About: The Social Survey is a sociological survey used to collect information and keep a historical record of the concerns, experiences, attitudes, and practices. The data collected about this survey includes both demographic information and respondents opinions on matters ranging from government spending to the state of race relations to the existence and nature of God.Because of the wide range of topics covered, and the comprehensive gathering of demographic information, survey results allow social scientists to correlate demographic factors like age, race, gender, and urban/rural upbringing with beliefs, and thereby determine whether, for example, an average middle-aged black male respondent would be more or less for economic reasons than a similarly situated white female respondent; or whether a highly educated person with a rural upbringing is more likely to believe in a transcendent God than a person with an urban upbringing and only a high-school education. Social Survey results are freely made available to interested parties over the internet, and are widely used in sociological research. 

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Our Methodology: Even though each survey type varies with respect to the mode of data collection and tools used, the steps involved in data collection is more or less similar form. Our step includes:

  1. Selection of problems.
  2. Deciding the information needed.
  3. Research design.
  4. Sampling of data.
  5. Field work and collection of data.
  6. Processing of data.
  7. Analysis of data.
  8. Reporting.

Benefits: Though there are several advantages of survey in order to understand few of them listed below

  1. It gives the opportunity to researcher to see reality more closely.
  2. It helps the researcher to know about the unknown problems.
  3.  It is useful in verifying theories.
  4.  It leads to greater objectivity.

Projects Undertaken: A Survey has been conducted by Saniyal trust in Delhi-NCR region making aware to people about there rights and asking the day to day issue such as Police not filing their FIR, Issue in making their voter cards. These data need to collected at ground level and issue will be directly posted to the CM and PM website to get better transparency and removal mediator between them.