Health Survey


About: The Health Surveys Program is responsible for collecting and disseminating accurate, nationally representative data on health and population in developing countries. The Health Surveys is highly comparable to the Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys and the technical teams developing and supporting the surveys are in close collaboration. It provides data for monitoring and impact evaluation indicators in the areas of population, health, and nutrition.  It provides information about the characteristics of health and family planning services available in a country. Qualitative Research provides information outside the purview of standard quantitative approaches.

Information and Overview: Leadtech is one of the renowned brands Know for his quality survey services in Delhi-Ncr. Our aim is to achieve a new benchmark in the field of survey by constantly upgrading the technology to move to the next level. We have been present in market from last two decades and have been a tough competitor to others.

Our Methodology: Even though each survey type varies with respect to the mode of data collection and tools used, the steps involved in data collection is more or less similar form. Our step includes:

  1. Selection of problems.
  2. Deciding the information needed.
  3. Research design.
  4. Sampling of data.
  5. Field work and collection of data.
  6. Processing of data.
  7. Analysis of data.
  8. Reporting.

Benefits: Though there are several advantages of survey in order to understand few of them listed listed below

  1. It gives the opportunity to researcher to see reality more closely.
  2. It helps the researcher to know about the unknown problems.
  3.  It is useful in verifying theories.
  4.  It leads to greater objectivity.

Projects Undertaken: There has been several healthcare survey undertaken by leadtech.Recently a renowned Hospital Doctors in Mumbai collected the data of diabetic patients, collecting information such as from how many years they are suffering from the diabetes, what are the major issue faced by them, what precautions they usually take to maintain there blood sugar level and many more. This Survey was conducted for the better treatment of patients as well as finding the permanent cure for the same.