June 22, 2018

Opinion Poll/Exit Poll

Opinion Poll

Leadtech is one of the leading pre-poll survey company in India. We are operating since 2008 and have covered more than 1000 assembly constituencies opinion poll.

We carry out an in-depth study of selected booths of the constituency, on all relevant political parameters for the forthcoming assembly/parliamentary elections.

This help us to evaluate: ✓ At present, public preference about all given candidates. ✓ Whom voter thinks best suitable candidate for their benefits. ✓ Who is most reliable candidate. ✓ Feedback from all the candidates will be managed booths wise. The main objectives at the state levels for Assembly elections are:

  1. Identification of Issues which are bound to affect the elections.
  2. Vote Share of each party and candidate.
  3. Analysis at Booth, Panchayat, Assembly and Parliamentary level.
  4. Identification of the Winning Candidate from each assembly segment.
  5. Caste wise voting pattern in each assembly.
  6. Trends and pattern of past election results at the assembly level.
  7. Voting trends & analysis at various levels.