June 22, 2018

About Us

Leadtech is the Best Political Consulting Firm in India. The need for corrective analysis in today’s world is as important as the information gathered. A combination of these gives rise to a powerful methodology, which assesses the current scenario and helps in decision making, optimizing the available resources for gaining the best possible returns. We, at Leadtech, are in the business of gathering valuable and accurate information and analyzing it to generate insights. For this purpose, we employ innovative and cutting-edge tools and practices. At present, we are using these concepts and expertise to help elected representatives manage their constituencies in an organized manner.

Founder & Director-Mr Vivek Singh Bagri

Best political consultant-Vivek Singh Bagri

Mr Vivek Singh Bagri is one of the Best Political Consultant in India. He founded Leadtech Management Consulting Pvt Ltd as a start-up in the year 2008. The company provides statistical research, expertise and consulting in the political domain. Under his visionary leadership, Leadtech has made a good presence across the country in a short span of time. Vivek holds B.Tech, M.tech degree in chemical engineering from the prestigious institute of our country, IIT Mumbai. He did Fellowship from CSIR during his M.tech tenure.



Our management team consists of the alumnus of topmost educational institutes such as IIT, IIM and NIT. The IT and database management department is headed by engineers and MCAs from prestigious institutes. Experienced social sciences post-graduates look after political, social and economic research division and graduates from leading institutes of Mass Communication and Political Science work as surveyors and data collectors.


Leadtech is a centre of excellence in the field of Election Studies. We believe and feel proud of our core values “integrity and loyalty” towards our client. We are in the business of political consulting from the last 12 years. We help the leaders in achieving their goals, winning an election, meeting expectations of the people and rising to the topmost position. We help in assessing the current trends, the image of the leader, party position and help them in improving them through effective scientific methods. We use the latest method for assessing the current trends, provide the best platform for creating a brand leadership image and finally equipping them with the technology to sustain.


Our mission is to deliver hassle-free services to our clients. We provide a widespread, all-inclusive analysis of compiled data to smoothen the process of tabulating records by using a comprehensive management system.