March 1, 2021

Election Strategist the New Age Chanakyas

The needs and demand of a formulating and running an election campaign has evolved. Modern elections have become more an more data driven so the strategist working on formation of a campaign needs to be able to sift through the data to create a credible and impactful campaign

Elections are no longer limited to mass appeal or mere ground mobilization of support while these are important aspects but in the age of digital revolution the battlefield has evolved , legacy media are no longer the sole proprietors of narrative building and dispersion , rather new media has found its foothold and democratized the playing field . With this evolution the way elections are fought and campaign are run have to be evolved as well when opinions can be formed and reformed in mere clicks the environment has become too dynamic and the stakes too high and this is where the role of an election strategist has a become pronounced.

These New age Chanakyas are no longer limited to just political managers but are rather devout professionals who work at the confluence of social sciences and data sciences from collecting and collating data , which can range from publicly available information to data collected through data mining which can help from a more concrete voter profile on the basis if which campaign can be strategized and executed effectively. Election strategist utilizes the data sciences and implements it on the conventional campaign tactic to the point where both the online and offline campaign supplement each other.

What to say , when to say , where to say and how to say have becomes things of paramount importance where one slogan can make or break an elections , so when the stakes are this high the need for a well functioning machinery is sacrosanct and an election strategist becomes the linchpin of this entire machinery , to ensure the right message is shared in the right way for maximum impact.

An effective Election Strategist also runs an efficient campaign understanding and utilizing resources effectively and efficiently building credible campaign that can resonate with the masses. The sheer size and frequency of elections has not only make political consultancies viable but also necessary .

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