INDIA-RUSSIA: Other Step Towards Strong Friendship

A virtual summit of Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) was held on 3rd September 2021. A virtual meeting was attended by the heads of the government of the participating countries. Both PM of India Mr. Narendra Modi and President of Russia Mr. Vladimir Putin interacted with each other. While addressing the session PM of India Mr. Narendra Modi stated that “India-Russia Friendship has stood the test of time by recalling the “robust” collaboration shared between the two countries during the COVID-19 pandemic and including the vaccination programme. 

Key takeaways from the meeting   

  • India’s PM addressed the Plenary Session of Eastern Economic Forum (EEF), and said energy is the another major pillar of strategist partnership between two countries.
  • India and Russia can together help bring stability to the global energy market.
  • Russia’s energy Ministry expects gas supplies via Nord Stream 2 to start in 2021.

Plenary Session:- A plenary session or plenum is a session of a conference which all members of all parties are to attend. Such a session may include a broad range of content, from keywords to panel discussion.

About Eastern Economic Forum (EEF):

  • The 6th Eastern Economic Forum held in Vladivostok in September. 2-4 in Hybrid (combined: online and in person) format.
  • Main topic of business is “New Opportunities for the East in a Changing World”.

It would be interesting to watch how the new business topic will positively impact both of the countries, and how much opportunities will it bring in the East. Since Russia has always positively supported India in terms of growth including energy growth, defense growth and manufacturing sector.