Modules for Voter’s Engagement


Leadtech will create an innovative and effective campaign to provide the edge to our clients by engaging the common voters to participate in the making of the constituency vision by holding different events, like “Vikash pe Charcha, Women Saftey pe Charcha, Bachcho ke Bhavishya pe Charcha, Chai Pe Charcha” etc.

We will be creating "ON THE SPOT" events modules on the basis of each day election high voltage issue raised, bites, arguments and debates of opponents. We would be carefully picking up the issue which can connect with the masses and design the event to create an edge and clear advantage to the client.

In these events, we will invite crowd of the constituency and share our views and mission regarding upcoming elections. We enroll them and address their issues to resolve them.

Under this program, our team will assist the client to conduct smooth jan sabhas, meetings and rallies with the big and small groups.By conducting this event, our agenda is to communicate the political candidates with the local people to know their issues and resolve it if it is possible to do at that time, otherwise it will be transfer to the appropiate person of the selective department.

voters engagement

It can be done at booth level, assembly level , parliament level or even at state level also. In this event, you can address the issues of the local people under your constituency and then they will attract towards you and support you and your works.