Political Consultancy- The Art of Election Planning

India, one of the biggest democracies in the world, faces its test of democracy every year in the form of elections. The election season is the time when citizens, decide the future of the state in particular and the country as a whole. Elections resemble a delicate chess game, where a single moment of oversight can result in defeat. Politicians avoid the risk of any lapse, as even a minute can sway the outcome. The long exercise of elections includes various dynamics and there are different stakeholders that successfully execute this comprehensive exercise. One of the crucial dynamics, of the elections is a political consultancy and a key role played by political consultants. Political consultancy is the process, in which a leader is advised on various aspects which include, election and campaign management, strategizing the pathways, and gauging the pulse of the constituency in order to win the elections. Each above-mentioned aspect is systematically carried out through proper planning and tools. Data analysis, Public Relations strategy for the candidate, management of outreach, survey, policy guidance, opinion poll and constituency study of the electorate are some of the fundamentals of political consultancy. These all-skill sets are executed by political consultants.

Art of Election Planning

Individuals who are socially conscious, politically engaged, and possess in-depth political knowledge often find a comfortable niche in political consultancy. This allows them to showcase their expertise through avenues such as grassroots intelligence, data administration, social media management, digital communication, and technology integration. They demonstrate a proactive and strategic working style. Political consultancy serves as a neutral ground where people from diverse backgrounds converge, contributing their skills to various spheres. In recent times, we have observed a surge in young minds adopting distinctive techniques and methodical approaches within this career path. This manifests a unique blend of fresh perspectives, technological acumen and dynamic and forward-thinking.

To win an election, the need to go to the roots is important, helping the candidates, know the pulse of their constituency, the visit to each door, of each booth of the constituency, all this helps to make a detailed study about the constituency, understanding of the caste profile, voting behaviour, and the political wave in the constituency. The in-depth research and analysis build a foundation for the leaders to project themselves in the constituency, resonate with the political nerves of the masses, build a narrative around the issues pertaining to the constituency, and perception about his/her leadership that turns his/her popularity into votes.

This consultancy, to the leaders, helps them to understand their constituency, voters and dynamics of the area, which translates into his/her promises, policy formulations, and agenda setting for the constituency. The political consultant creates an impactful campaign, that spreads across the small gaps of the constituency in a uniform manner. Effective communication is one of the core exercises of the elections. Consultants in coordination with leaders craft a well-planned communication strategy, that will totally reflect a voter’s voice. Further, this creates a manifesto, that is voter centric. Here the in-depth and comprehensive survey, research and analysis make a constituency-driven manifesto, effective communication and management. 

In this tech world, even the space of politics is not left untouched, the blend of technology and political consultancy has given rise to new and unique perspectives and developments. For example, we at
Leadtech provide a top-class tech blended political consultancy to our client, which has helped us to be in this industry for more than a decade. Through tech support, there is ease and coverage of the constituencies and nuanced details of the voters and constituency at the fingertips. With the era of new technologies, politicians are leveraging these technologies to learn about people’s expectations, vision, needs, demands, and hopes. Through AI, Chatbots, and social media, all these technological interventions have made the field of political consultancy very much unique and advanced. The technological wrapping around the political consultancy makes it a more strong and structured space for Indian elections. 

Hence, political consultancy, an area, that is growing rapidly in India, is becoming a new space wherein, through consultancy the elections are more enhanced,  won on more concrete and genuine issues, narratives and promises rather than on old practices of money and muscle power play. By bringing new innovations, structures, systems and technology to the space of Indian elections, it also generates substantial employment based on individuals’ capabilities and interests. Bringing together the scattered pieces of the constituency through political consultancy is the approach that was much needed for the Indian political landscape.