June 22, 2018

Political Research

Leadtech provides Voter Relationship Management (VRM) and has operations in Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Rajasthan, M.P., CG, Gujarat, Delhi, Karnataka, Jharkhand and Maharashtra. We have a varied client base consisting of Political parties as well as individual MP’s, MLA’s and aspirants. Instead of promising a hypothetical winning formula we equip our clients with tools and services to manage their day to day activities and help them in thorough and meticulous preparation for elections. This approach enables them to get a crystal clear picture of their own strengths to be consolidated further and weaknesses to be improved upon.

1. Comprehensive Research at Booth Level:

This will be inclusive of the research, data management, software installation and training. It includes following parameters for study:

  • Detailed Opinion Poll at the booth level 2% sample size.
  • Micro and Macro level issues identification in favour and against the party.

2. Door to Door Research of each Booth:


This will be inclusive of the research, data management, software installation, training and mobile app. It includes the following parameters for the study

  • Voters database in Leadtech Mobile APP.
  • Assessment of MLA, MP, State Govt. and Centre.

3.Opinion Poll


  • At present, public preference for all given candidates.
  • Whom voter thinks the best suitable candidate for their benefits.

4.Sample Study


It the cheapest method of research.One of the most appropriate methods to know about the booth level situations before elections. In sampling, we work with the subset of individuals to estimate characteristics of the whole population. Two advantages of sampling are that this method is cheap and data collection is faster.


5. Constituency Profiling at Booth Level:

In Constituency profiling, we will collect information like caste, issues, party workers details etc.



To carry out an in-depth study of all booths of the constituency, on all relevant political parameters, and come up with strategies and focus areas for the forthcoming assembly/parliamentary elections. The main objectives at the state levels for Assembly elections are:

✓ Identification of Issues which are bound to affect the elections.

✓ Vote share in the favour of client’s party and candidate wise voting pattern.

✓ Analysis at Booth, Panchayat, Assembly, and Parliamentary level.

✓ Identification of the Winning Candidate from each assembly segment.

✓ Caste wise voting pattern in each assembly.

✓ Trends and pattern of past election results at the assembly level.

We have worked at the state level in Haryana, Delhi, Goa, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand and Maharashtra and help our clients in making the better strategy in key decisive matters.


The raw data from the field is compiled and a detailed research to correlate various factors will be conducted with respect to past election results. A comprehensive SWOT analysis will be carried out and focus areas will be shortlisted to be taken up further. This analysis will divide all the polling booths of the constituency into five groups, i.e. strong booth, weak booth, threatened booth, opportunity booth and average booth.

In addition to the above analysis, the data gathered will be managed in the Voter Information Management System (VIMS) software developed by Leadtech. This will enable the client to view the data collected through a user-friendly graphical interface and come up with his own analysis and strategies.