Report on Bihar Assembly election in respect to Covid-19

Bihar Assembly election 2020


  1. Bihar Legislative Assembly elections will be held   in Bihar in October 2020 to elect 243 members of the   Bihar Legislative Assembly.  The term of current assembly elected in 2015 will expire on 29 November 2020.This will be a fight between JDU led NDA and RJD led UPA.
  2. Bihar Polls 2020 Can Nitish Kumar Fulfil Promises Amid Lockdown
  3. As India reels under the COVID-19 crisis and the ensuing lockdown, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has another reason to worry. Assembly elections are set to be held in the state in the latter half of 2020. Under normal circumstances, by this time, all political leaders in the state would have begun drawing up poll strategies, campaigning and working against the clock to fulfill all promises made to the people.
  4. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, had made seven promises to the people of his state when he was elected to power in 2015. The deadline to fulfill these promises was June 2020. But with the lockdown now extended to 31 May, meeting this deadline could be tough.

As Leadtech Consulting Management Pvt. Ltd don’t worry we provide you a solution.

Due to corona virus pandemic

  • Corona virus outbreak effected every sector of society. And politics sector is also one among  this. But we think our firm can work better for Bihar election during this corona virus by making good plans and strategies.
  • First we will  set a goal , target the voters and their choices and preferences.
  • And here we are with some strategies by which our firm can work for Bihar election during this pandemic.
  • As lockdown is lifted and social distancing will continue to remain an established norm, which means mass rallies, mass protests and small public meeting may not be by seeing this scenario we have to focus more on technology. Social media newly created customized app, we will seek to penetrate the homes and mind of voters by:
    • Banner advertisement will be placed on various websites of internet during the peak months of Bihar election drive traffic to our website
    • Websites could be selected for promotion on the basis of population interest and traffic generated on it such as gaana app, Wikipedia,, WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

According to recent report

  • According to recent report political parties are extremely tapping social media influencer.
  • So we can do the same for Bihar election, we can help political parties by suggesting them to contact with some social media influencer ahead of the election to push their messages because common people easily get persuaded by social media influencer.

Leadtech message plan

For getting our messages out we have to focus more on print, television and digital advertising.

Print-  Magazines are the ideal way of reaching the specific target and they also have a longer readership than other forms of print media .The goal of the magazine advertisement is to directly promote leadtech political campaign (bihar elections)

Hoardings– Bihar literacy rate is so low that our firm should focus more in pictorial form of advertising rather than in wordly form. So before election hoarding should be placed in different location in pictorial form  to create awareness about the election

Banner – Advertisement will be placed on various websites of internet during the peak months of Bihar election drive traffic to our website

Websites– Could be selected for promotion on the basis of population interest and traffic generated on it such as Gaana app, Wikipedia,, WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Television – For this the animation advertisement take place such as 2D and 3D


  • There should be awareness in political booth so the firm can use their manpower for volunteering, because covid-19 has caused many deaths to our country and we can’t become responsible for another one due to their political campaign, so we have to be more focused on proper personal distancing by volunteering people.
  • Also firm can provide pouches in the term of sanitization for use and throw, which will be quite cheap and best for firm and voters.

Media scheduling

After making the strategies and plans for the election, we need to give   focus on   the media schedule as well with key aspects of :-

  • Continuity
  • Frequency
  • Reach


Our banner advertisement should be run on Social media for 2 months to promote company Leadtech Management Consulting pvt. Ltd (elections campaign )as well as in magazines for 2 months on weekends the advertisement will come … And on television also till the end of elections.

Frequency :-

The print advertisement frequency is 2 month election campaign where the political parties promotion should be done 2 months in magazines . The frequency of social media would be placed in the hand of whoever is doing the marketing for Leadtech Management company (election campaign ) . There should be daily 3 posts put on Facebook and by using Twitter we will twits about the election campaign . The frequency of television for election campaign comes daily on every news channel Aaj Tak, Zee News , Ndtv , etc By doing all these things people come to know about Bihar elections as well as our company .

Reach :-

The reach of our election very high we should try to reach our target audiences with the help of social media , print media and electronics media .