Constituency Management System

Today we are living in the era of ICT (information, communication and technology) where people are well connected to each other through multiple platforms most predominantly on social media. If any incident happens in one part of the state, it would have deep-rooted consequences in other parts of the state too. Since politics is never static rather a dynamic state of affairs and political changes happen every day. And these changes have direct or indirect implications on various stakeholders’ i.e. political parties, civil society organizations, political consultancies, media organizations and of course people at large of that particular constituency.Constituency Management System In politics, winnability does a matter and in order to win the election, political parties should have all means of communication to control or influence the minds of voters/electors, their actions, taste and try to provide alternatives to the existing system. Therefore the role of Constituency Management (CM) becomes very crucial in electoral politics.


A constituency is a political unit also called an electoral unit in our political system. It consists of all eligible voters/electors registered with the local administration who elect their representatives to a legislative or other public body.


From the electoral point of view, the term management stands for managing risks, and optimal use of resources to meet the specific objectives and policies of the organization.

Constituency Management (CM)

Management of constituency is an organized activity which requires a dedicated team of young professionals who help a candidate manage or control his/her constituency more pragmatically.

  • Constituency Management (CM) deploys various strategies like maintaining the database of all eligible voters and segregating on the basis of caste, class, male and female, literacy and so on.
  • CM keeps updating a candidate about the political developments in the constituency and their possible implications in election politics. Ultimately makes his/her presence more visible in a constituency.
  • Keep updating party workers at the grass-root level via using various social media platforms and taking their feedback. For instance, targeting selected voters organizations, i.e., farmers organizations, Asha workers, Mahila Morcha, Student’s organizations, traders organizations including small traders, retired teachers associations, ex-army officers associations, targeting selected voters by organising social camps or fairs or other social gatherings while taking into consideration of local media. Based on ground realities and the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, CM would suggest various strategies to win election.
  • Maintaining good relations with all influential people of the areas, colonies, wards, villages, etc.
  • Special focus will be given to voter lists, keep updating them, and periodically checking it very thoroughly while making goodwill with the concerned officers of the Tehsil at the district level.

What kind of role LEADTECH Political Consultancy can play? 

LEADTECH Political consultancy is a professional organization led by young minds of different disciplines. It has a large presence, gained popularity and recognition in the political arena and worked with various political parties at all levels and helps them to win in their electoral politics.

It has become a leading company which mainly uses technology-driven solutions to electoral politics. Owing to the rapid changes in politics, LEADTECH has been keeping innovating, evolving new strategies and providing IT (Information Technology) based solutions to manage the politician and election works.

Recently, LEADTECH has developed three software regarding Constituency Management (CM) as if

  • GOTV Cum Voter Search Software
    Using this technology one can update the voter’s details listed on the electoral roll. Booth in charge can update the present situation on Election Day. Accordingly, party workers can be asked to take convenient action in “Get out the Voter” for voting.
  • Constituency Management Software
    All the details of the voters, developmental work, Jan Sampark, Household Info, Mobile numbers of the voters, caste demographics and voting trends can be managed effectively with our Constituency Management Software.
  • Promotional Mobile Application
    Now, LEADTECH is developing a promotional app to communicate with voters effectively. Using this app, people can download the leader’s app to express their concerns, inform regarding developmental issues, the invitation can be sent quickly, and finally can help in making more party workers and volunteers.