How good governance helps in winning the election?

There is no guarantee that good governance will help the candidate in winning the election. We all must have seen some good leaders losing contest irrespective of their good governance. Some candidates might be winning from decades without showing interest in development aspects.

This happens because of lack of knowledge, illiteracy, faith on the party, the image of the leader running the party, caste, religion etc.

Sometimes even if leaders do some good work in the constituency information might not reach everyone.

What if the development done by leader is not necessary at all like if there is drinking water problem in the constituency and leader spends more time and money on developing roadways, his entire efforts will go in vain.

Leadtech will do a detailed survey in the constituency by reaching out voters and will give leaders exact problems in the constituency so that leaders can attract voters by working on those problems.

Knowing problems in the constituency is included in opinion poll and door to door survey services provided by the company.