June 22, 2018

Door To Door Campaign

Door to Door Campaign service

Door to Door Campaign

Get data from every household!

The Door to Door Campaign for Promotion of the Candidate:

Voters can’t be taken for granted. Leaders have to perform and offer excellent governance in order to meet constituency expectations. LEADTECH can assist you in achieving your goal by providing the following Door to Door Campaign service:

  • Establishing a leader’s true image, his beliefs, and his vision for the constituency’s and constituents’ development.
  • All households in the constituency should receive bills, letters, and appeals.
  • A list of the work done by your party’s government and you should be distributed as a pamphlet to every household to keep them informed.
  • A list of new voters whose names should be added to the voter list would be prepared during door to door political campaign.
  • Phone/Mobile no, Correspondence Address and Email of the Head of the Family would be noted down to start communication in all possible forms from all.
  • LEADTECH team will also ensure to put your hoardings and banners on the required site.

Specially customized door-to-door survey for collecting valid contact information of voters, to know voter’s mood and ensure the wide reach of the candidate. It also helps determine candidate’s caste equation and further formulate steps to ensure winning. Influential people of a constituency are determined and their contact information is collected. It also includes a mass appeal for the candidate. In LEADTECH, we can tell from our experience of working with more than 1000 clients that these customized surveys have proved to be the most effective way for mass reach. This kind of campaigning will boost a candidate’s popularity and influence voters in favour. We ensure candidate’s success by extensive research of the data collected. This data and research work holds its validity and exclusivity for our clients only. No sharing and publication of such data occur from our side.