June 22, 2018

Election Campaign

Leadtech proposed to start a new initiative which is known as “Election Campaign Management” to bridge the gap between voters and political leader or political parties by start working door to door with voters and party workers at the grass-root level. The major objective of the project is to start the target campaign to create a wave in favour of the client. Leadtech is a well-established company in the area of political research, analysis, databases and campaign craft. We have served more than 1000 clients across India.

Door-to-Door Campaign

Social Media Management

Digital Media Campaign

election campaign

1. A door to Door Campaign for Promotion of the Candidate:


Voters can’t be taken for granted. Leaders have to perform and deliver good governance to the expectations of constituents. Leadtech helps you to reach at your goal by following door to door campaign services:

  • Establishing a leader’s true image, what he believes in, and his vision for the development of the constituency and constituents.
  • Bills, letters and appeal should reach all households across the constituency.

2. Social Media and e-Campaigning:


Social Digital Media is changing the preferences of the common masses and helping people in making their mindsets. Now a day’s internet has penetrated to a very large extent of the common people and now using the same they are raising their voices for a cause related to governance and issues which have an impact in their life. Therefore, to capture the eyes of Internet users, we create and sustain a leader’s positive presence among voters in social media like Facebook, Youtube, Google Plus, Twitter & Linkedin.

3. Digital Media Campaign:


We collect mobile numbers of the voters and reaching out to them on regular basis using Bulk SMSing and In-Voice calls. This way of promotion has proved to be an economical and effective way of reaching mass voters.

Your Benefits

  • Compiled and validated contact information of voters for better reach and extent.
  • Day to day strategies based on validated data for better campaigning.
  • We manage social media to take feedback from voters and promotions on the internet.
  • Calling and SMS to reach mass voters during the last days before voting.
  • Candidate’s publicity in every household of the constituency.