Why You Should Begin Preparations At Least 18 Months Prior to Elections

Why You Should Begin Preparations At Least 18 Months Prior to Elections

Indian elections have become highly competitive in the past decade or so. With data-driven technology seeping deep into the electoral process, simple election techniques have become redundant and highly ineffective. Political aspirants have to work harder than before to shine brighter than their competitors, and ensure they have a profound impact on the constituents who they hope will support them in the polls.

Most Indian constituencies need a lot of time and attention – either they are naturally heavily populated, or they are sparsely populated but spread in a way that constituents are harder to reach. In either case, a lot of energy needs to be devoted to reach out to each and every voter. Door to door campaigns are the cornerstone of all elections, despite moving into a more digital world, since the technology only complements the traditional process.

The way to win an election is to map voters in all divisions of a constituency – be it for local corporations, the Assembly, or the Parliament. The aspirant needs to be aware of his/her strong areas and weak areas. This helps guide both manifestos and campaign action – both of which are crucial in flipping weak areas to strong, and also improving the situation in the constituency (and eventually the country).

This data is not static – it is constantly evolving. Government agencies obviously do not provide such information, and general market researchers and news agencies may have biased data based on their sponsorships. A political aspirant needs to hire an agency for themselves to collect such data on a regular and real-time basis, so they are constantly updated on developments in the constituency.

Many agencies can provide this service, but one of India’s foremost agencies working largely for individual clients is Leadtech Management Consulting Pvt Ltd. In the past 17 years, they have worked for over 1400 clients with over 95% success rate.

However, simply mapping voters is not enough. Mapping is only the first step in this lengthy process – and it only reveals the real-time sentiment of the constituency. Constituents need to be influenced, motivated, and persuaded with a strategic vision and promises of a better tomorrow, under better governance. Communication (and narrative building in specific) is also guided by  data. This is followed by mass campaigns, which need to be designed according to the data.

Political aspirants need to remember that they are not alone in this race. Their competitors are most probably working along the same lines, because as previously mentioned, data-driven elections have become the norm now. All parties and candidates have found that there is no way to win elections (or even attempt to win) except hiring external agencies for assistance and consultation.

Choosing the right agency, at least 18 months prior to elections, is beneficial for twin reasons. Firstly, you get a headstart over your competitors. Even if they are better liked in your constituency, you will be able to reach more voters much before your competitor can, and thereby swing voters in your favor. This is only possible if enough time is given to the agency to function properly – not if you hire someone at the eleventh hour.

Secondly, the right consultant with several years of experience can help you design a strong, solid winning campaign. Data is confidential and exclusively for the client, and plans are unique for each client. Hiring them 18 months prior helps you execute more of the strategy as per the plan, or else elements can be missed due to lack of time.

Contact Vivek Singh Bagri (Director, Leadtech) at 9650060882 if you are a political aspirant and are looking for consultation for upcoming elections.