December 8, 2022

Membership Drive

Membership drive is one of the most important initiatives of the party to bring the voters’ inclination towards the party. Voters start thinking that they are now officially associated with a particular party and hence will start working for the party and this becomes a mass movement during elections or any mega event.

Panna Prabhari of the party are not only members of the party but this responsibility gives a sense of loyalty to the party. We will make 1 Panna Prabhari for 1 page, so if there are 30 pages then we will make 30 Panna Prabharis.

This will be inclusive of the running membership drive, filling the membership form, data entry, and database management on the party website and training.

Our package includes the following work:

Leadtech team will visit door to door for requesting the voters to join the party
✓ Our surveyors will fill out the membership form and enroll the voters as a party member
✓ Punching of the data would be done by the Leadtech team
✓ Uploading in the party database from your “leaders” login credentials would be done by the Leadtech team.


    By Click on submit, I hereby authorize Leadtech and its affiliates to call, email, send a text through the Short messaging Service (SMS) and/or Whatsapp. The consent herein shail override any registration for DNC/NDNC.