June 22, 2018


FAQ-Other than Politics

Yes, of course!!!

Leadtech conducts a baseline survey for Industrial units also. They work to get the production of goods per day and to calculate the tons that being transported every day to intracity & intercity.
It will help the transporters and logistic companies to analyse the data and work accordingly.

FAQ-What does Election Commission of India do to run elections for India?

Indian elections are organized by the Election Commission of India, an autonomous body established in 1950 by the Indian Constitution. The chief election commissioner and two election commissioners are appointed by the federal government for a six-year period or up to 65 years. Of age. They are generally senior civil servants of the Indian Administrative Service.

The chief election commissioner, who heads the body, cannot be removed except by impeachment. Neither can the other two commissioners be removed except on the recommendation of chief election commissioner. The Commission has around 400 in its headquarters in New Delhi and a small permanent employee of about 400 people across the country.
Well, they couldn’t do it alone! The commission borrows about 12 million employees from various federal and state government departments for the period of elections. They enlist senior civil servants and police officers in the top management. They get the schoolteachers, engineers, clerks, health care workers, security forces and all kinds of support staff.

Private sector employees are not involved in the process, as it would be impossible to ensure their neutrality — a non-negotiable condition. For the duration of the elections, the government employees are deputed to and solely answerable to the election commission.
In seven decades of Independent India, the Commission has organized 16 elections for the lower house of the Parliament and over 360 elections for legislative assemblies of Indian states. The Commission has worked many times under most circumstances. In 1982, it had made elections for the state assembly in the North-Eastern state of Assam at the height of a violent movement, which had kept the area for years. Similarly, despite the long violent conflict in the region, the Commission has made several elections in Jammu and Kashmir.

FAQ-Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Ans. Leadtech is the best political consulting firm that serves you door to door campaigning, political survey and complete election campaign management for the forthcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2019 in all the states.
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Ans. To win Lok Sabha Elections 2019, you must know the status of your constituency first of all. After that, you may know the opinion of the voters and can work in the constituency accordingly, so that, you can get strong support from the voters of your constituency.

By impressing the voters and contacting them at the ground level, you can make your position strong in your constituency and can easily brand your party also.

For all these types of service like Political Campaign Management, Opinion Poll Survey, Election management Software and Social Media Management is also available on the Leadtech platform.
Ans. Pre poll survey or Opinion poll survey are the same terms that can be explained as a strategy to gather data about the perspectives or convictions of a given gathering.
Leadtech is one of the best prepoll survey company in India, that can provide best election campaign management services and political survey service other than opinion poll survey for the elections.
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Opinion poll survey company for Lok Sabha Election 2019
Election Campaign Management Company for Lok Sabha Elections 2019
Election Campaign Management Software
Ans. Online Prachar Company or Political Campaign Company or Election Campaign Company are the same terms, that will be very helpful for the political leaders when Elections are very near. As Political Consulting Firms like Leadtech provides many political services like Political Campaigning, Election Campaign Management, Political Advertising and Social Media Management for political leaders. ,br/>
These type of services will be very helpful for the political parties as well as leaders to make their position among voters and attract them.

FAQ-Election Campaign Management

Ans. To create an election edge during political campaigning, you need to work as per the requirement of the voters in your constituency. You have to reach to the voters and resolve their issues.

To reach out the voters and serving them best service, you must know about their situation and for that, you can do Election campaign management for that. This is the best and the cheapest mode for branding your party.
Ans. Leadtech is one of the best Election campaign Management Company in India that provides a lot of political services to you in your constituency. Other than that, we provide many other political services like Door to Door Campaigning, Social Media Management, Opinion poll Survey and Digital media campaigning.

We can help you to do the best campaigning and gather current status of your constituency before Elections.

FAQ-Political Canvassing

Ans. Political Canvassing is the systematic initiation of direct contact with individuals, commonly used during political campaigns. Canvassing operations are performed for many reasons: political campaigning, Voter's information, community awareness and more.
Ans. There are various new ideas we can use for Political Canvassing in various parts of rural or Urban India like Door to Door Campaigning & Social Media management.
Ans. Leadtech is one of the best political canvassing providers. We do Political Canvassing by using different methods like Door to Door campaigning, Political Survey, Opinion Poll, Social media Management, Canopy Branding. And we also have a team of experts for all the services.
Ans. You can contact Leadtech for Political Canvassing service in your constituency as we provide various political services all over India. We work in rural India and urban India also.

FAQ- Opinion Poll/ Exit Poll

Ans. The exit poll is to be held on the day of polling. They only need to survey only those people who have cast their vote, so if 0.25 sample size has been recorded, then we can predict the poll. If it is not, then it will not make much sense in any prediction.
Ans. Yes Leadtech also conducts poll and exit polls for media or TV channels. We provide our services in an unbiased manner and perform well to meet the needs of our customers. It does not matter which platform you are or which party you are from.
Ans. Yes, Leadtech is a political consulting firm that works at the grassroots level for its customers. We collect data from anywhere in India for our customers because we are located in different places all over India. You can also check our existence anywhere in urban or rural India.

FAQ – Counting & Declaration of Result

Ans. The Returning Officer
According to Sec. 64 of the R. P. Act, 1951, votes are counted by or under the supervision / direction of the Returning Officer of the Constituency. When the counting is completed, the Returning officer declares the result as per provisions of Sec. 66 of R. P. Act, 1951.
Ans. Election Commission of India (ECI)
According to Sec. 73 of the R. P. Act, 1951, after the results of all Parliamentary constituencies are declared, the Election Commission will constitute the new Lok Sabha by notifying in the official gazette, the names of the elected members.

FAQ – How to register your Voter ID card

Ans. Any person who is:

1) a citizen of India
2) 18 years of age or above on the qualifying date which is presently 1.1.2012.
3) ordinarily resident in Delhi.This includes a student in a University, Institute etc.
4) not disqualified to be voter e.g. not of unsound mind etc.
Ans. To become a voter you need to fill in the application Form – 6. Once this Form is accepted, your name will be included in the Electoral Roll as a voter.
There are four options you can follow to fill in Form 6 and these are given below :

Option I – Online application.
Option II – Down load Form 6 from the website and send it by post.
Option III – Down load Form 6 from the website and deliver it personally.
Option IV – Personally collect and deliver Form 6.