Panna Prabhari App


Leadtech provides you an app called Panna Prabhari App by which you and your party workers can easily access that app and work on this particular strategy to make Panna Prabharis. You can put in charge of the Panna about a month before the voting and told to keep interacting with the voters listed in that Panna.

In this Panna prabhari strategy, each prabhari was given responsibility for a Panna – which literally means a page, but in this case, referred to a page in the electoral rolls. Each page in the voters’ list has the names of between 8 to 12 families. Every Panna prahabhai (also called a Panna pramukh) was required to focus on these families.

Conventionally, most political parties put one person – or, in some cases, two or three – in charge of each polling booth. Dividing the catchment area of a polling booth into an average of 20 units is something that no party had previously considered.

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