Delhi Legislative Assembly Elections

FACILITIES REQUIRED TO WIN THE DELHI LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS 2020 Legislative Assembly elections will be held in Delhi in February 2020 to elect 70 members of the Delhi Legislative Assembly The term of current assembly elected in 2015 will expire on 22 February 2020. It’s very difficult to predict 2020 Delhi elections as there still are nearly 3 months left. Read more about Delhi Legislative Assembly ElectionsRead More

Rise of BJP in Haryana

How BJP become a foremost choice of voters in Haryana With a clean sweep in the Lok Sabha elections in 2019, the party is eyeing a win in the state assembly polls and retain its government. In the past few decades, voters have shown their trust towards the BJP to make the most dominant party Read more about Rise of BJP in HaryanaRead More


RISE OF BJP IN MAHARASHTRA ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS 2019 BJP has shown a remarkable performance in the 2019 general election in Maharashtra which made a clear mandate to repeat an analogous kind of trend for 2019 assembly election. For the last 20 years, Maharashtra’s state elections have immediately followed the national elections and the party securing Read more about RISE OF BJP IN MAHARASHTRARead More

How good governance helps in winning the election?

There is no guarantee that good governance will help the candidate in winning the election. We all must have seen some good leaders losing contest irrespective of their good governance. Some candidates might be winning from decades without showing interest in development aspects. This happens because of lack of knowledge, illiteracy, faith on the party, Read more about How good governance helps in winning the election?Read More

How to win assembly election?

Indian elections are very touché from the rest of the world. We can clearly notice that Indian voters have the intangible mindset. Some contestants will lose the contest even after doing good work and development in their constituency while some may win without fulfilling their promises. No one can guess, on what basis, voters are Read more about How to win assembly election?Read More

Features Needed to win Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2019

Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2019 Elections are what help a democracy choose their leaders. A government like that of India’s is formed through elections. The eligible citizens of the country must take part in the election process. This is what makes a good government, and the well-organized election system is what makes a country. Maharashtra is Read more about Features Needed to win Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2019Read More

Features Needed to win the Haryana Assembly Elections 2019

Haryana is due to hold the assembly elections in October 2019. This is hype in the Indian political scene. Haryana has quite a few parties are contesting for these seats in the assembly elections. Some of the major parties contesting in this place are Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Indian National Congress (INC), Indian National Lok Read more about Features Needed to win the Haryana Assembly Elections 2019Read More

Political Survey Company in India

Getting a precise spot to work on right before the election gives you a better possibility of becoming the voter’s choice and political research to gather knowledge on voting trend and learning the pattern along with the opinion polls and past exit polls will help you to have a better insight into the coming election. For Read more about Political Survey Company in IndiaRead More