Rise of BJP in Haryana

How BJP become a foremost choice of voters in Haryana With a clean sweep in the Lok Sabha elections in 2019, the party is eyeing a win in the state assembly polls and retain its government. In the past few decades, voters have shown their trust towards the BJP to make the most dominant party Read more about Rise of BJP in HaryanaRead More

How to win assembly election

How to win assembly election?

A winnable election should not be confused with an easy win; it simply means the ability to win. So, when it comes to how to win assembly election, you cannot overrule the significance political campaigning holds to the candidates. Indeed, a political campaign runs on money, but that does not mean it’s made of money. Read more about How to win assembly election?Read More

How to Prepare for the Assembly Election?

Assembly Election or Vidhan Sabha Election The Assembly Election in India are the elections in which the Indian electorate choose the members of the Vidhan Sabha (or Legislative/State Assembly). They are held every 5 years and the members of the legislative assembly are called MLA. The assembly elections are never carried out in the same Read more about How to Prepare for the Assembly Election?Read More