Why You Should Begin Preparations At Least 18 Months Prior to Elections

Indian elections have become highly competitive in the past decade or so. With data-driven technology seeping deep into the electoral process, simple election techniques have become redundant and highly ineffective. Political aspirants have to work harder than before to shine brighter than their competitors, and ensure they have a profound impact on the constituents who Read more about Why You Should Begin Preparations At Least 18 Months Prior to ElectionsRead More


South Indian Politics – In A Nutshell

Politics in South India is particularly distinct. Most southern states have strong linguistic and cultural identities, which ensures the inevitable dominance of regional parties, and the subsequent growth limitation of national parties. DEFYING THE NORM Admittedly, during the early years of post-independence, Congress penetration was deep, but one of the first Indian states to defy Read more about South Indian Politics – In A NutshellRead More


Bulldozing Has Only One Consequence: Voter Polarization

Many symbols define the politics of India in the 21st century, from the mighty elephant to the humble broom. Lately, we are witnessing the rise of yet another mobilizing symbol – the bulldozer.  Political moves always have consequences – some far-reaching, extending beyond the initial effects. The demolition drive at Jahangirpuri caused a commotion, disturbed Read more about Bulldozing Has Only One Consequence: Voter PolarizationRead More

Can Congress Win Gujarat Assembly Election 2022?

Indian National Congress had a stronghold over the state assembly of Gujarat since its inception in 1962, which was occasionally threatened by short-lived opposition. However, since 1995, BJP has become dominant in the state by breaking the INC winning streak. INC had several reasons for its win. Initially, INC banked upon its historical involvement in Read more about Can Congress Win Gujarat Assembly Election 2022?Read More

Election PR Management Guide for Politicians

Some political leaders partner with the experts for making a public relations strategy. It is a fruitful step that helps in promoting the party amongst the voters. Hiring an election PR management company will always help in building a good reputation.  The PR experts work towards bringing the best result to the political parties. They Read more about Election PR Management Guide for PoliticiansRead More

Ahilya, the Compassionate Ruler

Ahilya, the Compassionate Ruler Rajmata Ahilyabai Holkar was a strong woman and the queen of the Kingdom of Malwa in Indore. She is considered as one of the best warrior queens in Indian history. Her magnificent and glorious rule ended with her demise on 13th August,1795. Remembering her greatness, the Republic of India issued a commemorative Read more about Ahilya, the Compassionate RulerRead More

Assam saw a considerable change in recent times:

History of Assam: – The political structure of Assam in India is headed by the ceremonial post of the Governor. He is assisted by a council of ministers, headed by the Chief Minister, who are members of the Assam Assembly. In recent years the Governor has become more powerful, especially because the last two Governors Read more about Assam saw a considerable change in recent times:Read More

Digital Campaign Management In Elections

Digital Campaign: – Digital campaign is a way by which political parties prepare for the election and a way to attract the voters. An election campaign includes number of things such as your end goal, campaign budget, target audience, message to convey, channel to communicate, monitoring and analysing the end result. It influences the society Read more about Digital Campaign Management In ElectionsRead More