21 Years of TRS – Will It Continue to Grow, Or Begin to Fail?

In Telangana, TRS is undoubtedly the dominant party. It was the first party formed with the single-point agenda of bifurcating Andhra Pradesh and creating Telangana. The party cited lack of development, disproportionate allocation of resources and employment, and differences in culture. TRS’s spearheading of the final Telangana Movement was ultimately successful in 2014, which elevated Read more about 21 Years of TRS – Will It Continue to Grow, Or Begin to Fail?Read More

BJP in Southern India

BJP in Southern India

The 2008 Karnataka Legislative Assembly Election served as Bhartiya Janata Party’s gateway to southern India where, for the first time, the party formed government despite not winning a clear majority.  Since then, the party has effectively consolidated a dedicated voter base in most of the adjoining states with the exception of Kerala where the Left Read more about BJP in Southern IndiaRead More

Assam saw a considerable change in recent times:

History of Assam: – The political structure of Assam in India is headed by the ceremonial post of the Governor. He is assisted by a council of ministers, headed by the Chief Minister, who are members of the Assam Assembly. In recent years the Governor has become more powerful, especially because the last two Governors Read more about Assam saw a considerable change in recent times:Read More